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Tristar Engineering & Chemical Company are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Provider, Exporter of Decantation Filter. Tristar Decantation filter is used for unloading of Diesel / Petrol from Road Tanker into underground tanks. Tristar Decantation filter is used to filter the fuel from tanker which enters Underground tank is free of Sediments, rust , contamination above 20 micron and free water.

There are distinctions between filtration and decantation when it comes to separating contaminants from liquids. Filtration is the process of separating an entire solution by passing it through a filter, which traps the solid while allowing the liquid to flow through. It is not capable of separating two liquids. Decantation is the process of removing solid contaminants from a liquid that have accumulated at the bottom of the container. Two liquids of differing densities that have been divided into two layers can be separated in the same way by pouring out the less dense liquid. We are the manufacturer of All kinds of Decantation Filter In Mumbai, In Navi Mumbai, In Thane, In India.

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