Fuel Tank Hygine Recommendation

  • Provide decantation filter. The major cause of impurities in diesel is the tanker which is used to carry diesel from terminal to site. The most effective method would be to filter the fuel while being unloaded into the underground tank.
  • Provide PV valve and Silica gel Breather on the vent lines, this will reduce unnecessary breathing by the tank thereby reducing if not eliminating generation of water through condensation.
  • Fuel Filtration and Polishing at regular intervals. We recommend filtration and polishing of fuel using Tristar FFP Process which will ensure removal of rust particles, water and foreign impurities also polishing it to bring it closer to its original physical properties.
  • Periodically, circulate product to avoid biological cell breeding inside the tank.
  • Extend inlet pipe of centrifuge to ensure suction of product from bottommost point.
  • Bottom most sample to be taken & tested at a regular interval if product is not in use for long duration. The same can be collected using a bottom sampler.
  • Analysis of Diesel has to meet the IS Standard Specification 1460.
  • Formulate internal guidelines for frequency of Thickness Testing and Leakage Testing to ensure the Diesel tanks are not polluting the environment.