Hydrocarbon Tank Cleaning Services / HFO Tank Cleaning Services

Tristar wants to solve the issue of human entry into these tanks for cleaning. We have developed Tank Cleaning Systems with minimum human entry in confined spaces using 360 degree impingement technology. We have Tank Cleaning Services – Custom designed and manufactured systems for cleaning white oils like diesel, petrol. Kerosene, ATF as well as black oil like HFO, FO and crude oil

Our cleaning process for black oils includes:

  • Recovery of oil left in the tank – This can be done using enzyme techniques and/or mechanical separation where more than 80% oil recovery in the sludge is possible.
  • Emptying of tank contents without man’s entry
  • Using our system to jet the wall surface and bottom of the tank
  • Empty the tank completely and clean the bottom plate if any material remains.

Benefits of Using the Tristar Cleaning System

  • Minimum man entry for cleaning
  • 100% of the inner surface of the tank was affected and cleaned. Shell plate, bottom plate, roof and all structures inside the tank.