Thickness Testing For Underground Tanks

OISD 129 requires tank internal inspection to be carried out, one of the important factors is to test the thickness of the tank. For underground tanks this can be only done from within the tank. Before man entry tank cleaning and making it hydrocarbon free for entry is required. 

Thickness of the tank shell and end plates is done through Ultrasonic Thickness Meter. 

Tristar provides tank cleaning services without man entry post which tank is degassed to make it fit for man entry. 

Tristat complies with safety norms mentioned in OSHA and OISD STD.

Man entry is done as per SOP. Person entering the tank is equipped with PPEs, Gas meters, Gas mask rated for hydrocarbon fumes, Safety harness among other things.

Thickness reading is taken at 10 – 16 points depending on the size of the tank.

Visual inspection is also done for general corrosion/ pitting/deterioration on internal surfaces tank.