Tristar On Site Testing Kit

Fuel storage tanks may contain various types of contamination including rust, dirt, and sludge with Free water. If not removed before entering the fuel system, these contaminants can cause damage to high-precision components. Lab testing of fuel takes a lot of time and costs are high. To give you assurance on the quality of the fuel we recommend use of Tristar Onsite Testing kit. You can use diesel confidently without having to worry about damage to engine or pollution.

When to check ?
1. Check before unloading fresh diesel into UGT.
2. Check tank bottom sample periodically.

Who may use Tristar On site Testing Kit ?
Companies storing diesel in day tank or Underground tanks for
use in DGs

Tristar onsite HSD/Petrol Testing Kit.
1. Tanker Sampler
2. Bottom Sampler
3. Ethanol Phase Separation Kit.
4. Sediments Detection Kit
5. Fuel Visual Inspection Chart
6. Density Checking Kit
7. Level Detection Paste
8. Water Detection Paste