Underground Petrol Deep Tank Cleaning System

The storage life of petrol is approximately six months for storage temperature around 20 Deg C. Over a period of time there will be water accumulation in the tanks either through tanker, seepage from nozzles or condensation. 

Ethanol is Hygroscopic, will absorb large amounts of water. Up to 100 percent of the ethanol can be pulled out of the gasoline and settle with the water at the bottom of the tank. The top layer gasoline is lower in octane, while the bottom layer is a mix of ethanol and water that will not burn.


  1. Ethanol phase separation
  2. Bottom phase separated ethanol and water are more corrosive.
  3. Contaminated Petrol can lead to starting problems, poor engine performance, idling issues and potentially complete engine failure. 
  4. Damage from erosive wear of the ball seat valve will cause over fuelling, leading to decreased fuel efficiency and eventually shut you down altogether. 


Tristar Petrol underground tank cleaning (UGT cleaning) process uses 360 Degree impingement technology. The wash fluid is jetted through the system which scours the tank internal surface dislodging any accumulation of sludge etc. Combined with this the machine rotates 360 degrees in a precise manner ensuring 100% of the tank internals are impacted and cleaned.  The process includes Petrol Filtration and No confined space entry. Non manual tank entry cleaning.  


  1. Removal of a contaminated fuel
  2. Phase separation problem solve
  3. Removal of all contamination.
  4. Downtime 6-8 Hours depends on contamination present in tank,
  5. Petrol free from water, rust particles and other contaminants
  6. Petrol filtered to 5 microns.