Petrol Tank Cleaning Services

Tristar Engineering specializes in Petrol Tank Cleaning Services and testing to make it hydrocarbon free, making service changes without man entry. OISD 129 recommends that tanks in hydrocarbon service should be audited internally every 10 times. Internal examination would take evacuating the tank and making it hydrocarbon free for man entry. 

Over time sediment, rust, microbial growth and water accumulate at the bottom of the tank. impurity can do due to tanker introducing water, rust, sludge, dirt etc, Seepage of water through gaskets, thread joints etc, condensation, fuel being stored for a long duration leading to deterioration. Problem of product deterioration in ethanol figure out MS (Gasoline/ petrol) tanks increases further when there’s water present in the tanks. Ethanol being hygroscopic composites with water and phase separation takes place. This also leads to rapid corrosion of the bottom of the tank.

Tristar conducts tank cleaning non manually using a personal mechanised system with a trained crew. Tristar uses 360 degree impingement technology in the cleaning process of the aboveground tank. The wash fluid is jetted through the system which scours the tank internal face dislodging any accumulation of sludge etc. Combined with this the machine rotates 360 degrees in a precise manner assuring 100 of the tank internals are impacted and cleaned. We have cleaned the HFO tanks and pipeline to make them hydrocarbon free using the same process as for Deepak fertilizers.

Advantages of Petrol Tank Cleaning Services

  1. throwing away of all impurity at the tank bottom and shell such as water, sediments, sludge etc.
  2. Petrol Filtered Diesel Filter up to 5 microns.
  3. Safety – No Man Entry.
  4. No need for scaffolding inside the tank.
  5. Can use high temperatures and chemicals for cleaning using our process without any trouble to manpower as cleaning is done remotely through the system.